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Choose where you close from one of our multiple, convenient office locations across Kansas and Missouri.

Open For Business!

Please note that during these times of enhanced quarantines that Continental Title Company is considered an “ESSENTIAL BUSINESS” and will remain open for business and closings, with the following restrictions: Our offices will remain locked – entry will be for scheduled appointments ONLY.

At Continental Title Company, in order to keep our clients and employees safe, we will only be doing curbside closings! Schedule your closing and we are Clear To Close!

When you park outside, give us a call to let us know you’re here. A Closer will then come out and give each person hand sanitizer and new, clean pens to keep and sign with.

Any questions? We are right inside to answer them via a phone call! Once you complete signing, call your closer and they will review the documents to make sure it’s complete. After they confirm this you are done and will be on your way while never leaving your car!

Thanks for closing with CTC – The Company That Cares.


Message from Continental Title – Curbside Closings!



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