When it comes to residential real estate transactions, Continental Title Company is the team you can rely on. Whether you’re a REALTOR®, financial institution, real estate broker, home builder, attorney, homebuyer or seller, our residential title services are designed to meet your specific needs. With years of experience throughout Kansas City, St. Louis and surrounding regions and a team of dedicated title experts, we’re committed to providing exceptional service throughout the homebuying process.

Our Services

We offer a full range of services to ensure a smooth and successful real estate transaction, including:

Title Examination and Clearing

Our dedicated real estate title professionals conduct thorough examinations to identify potential issues or defects that may affect your property. We work diligently to clear any outstanding issues, such as liens or encumbrances, ensuring a clear title for our clients.

Title Insurance

We provide residential real estate title insurance policies to protect homebuyers and lenders from potential title defects, claims and losses. Our coverage offers peace of mind, safeguarding your investment and providing financial protection against any unforeseen title issues.

Escrow Services

We act as a neutral third party, holding and disbursing funds and documents per the terms of your transaction. Our escrow services provide a secure and efficient means for handling all the financial aspects of your closing.

Closing and Settlement Services

Our team coordinates and conducts residential closings, ensuring all necessary documents are accurately prepared and executed. We carefully guide you through the closing process, answering any questions and providing a smooth and efficient experience. You can also enjoy the flexibility of closing at any of our locations, regardless of where your title is ordered.

Title Insurance Fee Calculator

Take advantage of this convenient tool to estimate the real estate title insurance fees associated with your residential transaction.

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