ContinentalAgent is the app for real life Realtors


Upgrade your life with ContinentalAgent for easy on-the-go answers to your client’s most common questions. app promotional graphic

Our app, ContinentalAgent, is a must-have for every Realtor. ContinentalAgent revolutionizes your job by providing you with quick and easy answers to all your client’s questions. ContinentalAgent is completely customizable and created for using your phone or tablet on the go, whether that’s at a showing, on a call, or at dinner! Below are just some of the benefits of using our app.

Smart Compare

Compare and manage multiple offers side-by-side with Smart Compare. Packaging and presenting offers for your clients is now stress-free and easier than ever! Through ContinentalAgent, you can create a simplified report showing all of the information you’ve input, such as closing dates, offer amount, and any additional information that will help your client. Through ContinentalAgent, you can compare up to 12 reports side-by-side and compile an organized, simple report in seconds. You can also highlight which reports you think would be best for your seller while still providing all the offers.

Social Media Content

Now more than ever, your potential clients are using social media to find answers to their questions — bring them to you with ContinentalAgent’s social media tools. The app offers fun and exciting lenses to show off your property pictures. You also have infographic assistance on the app to create informative posts for your current and potential clients! ContinentalAgent helps you connect with potential new clients and step-up your social media.

Customized Answers for Common Questions

If your clients have questions about housing payments, closing costs, offer changes, how much to bring to closing, and more, ContinentalAgent has the tools for you to answer them on the fly! You can quickly answer these questions as your clients ask them. ContinentalAgent allows you to export easy-to-read graphs by sending them through text, email, or posting to social media. The functions on ContinentalAgent makes it easy to retrieve answers for all your client’s questions without creating an entire report for each question and property.

There are many other benefits to ContinentalAgent, such as a REFI Calculator, sharing net sheets, market-specific closing costs, but the best one of all — it’s free! You can even get a premium upgrade for only $12.99 per year! With the premium upgrade, you can customize flyers and create ads on Facebook to generate more leads. In addition, realtors can make flyers and share them on their social media for an additional $10 a year! Download ContinentalAgent today, and upgrade your daily life with our real estate agent app for real-life realtors.