CTC App Download Instructions

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Continental Title PalmAgent App

In honor of Continental Title’s 15th year coming to a close, we’ve revamped our app and made it easier than ever for busy agents to do business on the go. Use it to calculate fees, estimated proceeds, and estimated closing costs, as well as find the most convenient office for you, connect with our support team, and download marketing materials for your clients.

Download Instructions

Click ‘get the app’ to install on your phone. Once fully installed, open the app and follow the prompted steps to set up your account.

If you have used the Palm Agent App with another Title Company and are using the same email address, follow the below instructions.  If you have never used the Palm Agent App ignore these instructions and just follow the steps through the app on your smart phone.

  • To keep your current account as well as open a new one through Continental Title, enter a different email address.
  • If you wish to use the same email address and want to switch to the Continental Title app, choose ‘Switch me to PalmAgent,’ and you will see this message on your screen:
  • Check your email inbox. You will receive the following message. To access your new account, click the blue ‘Click here’ link in the email message.
  • You’re good to go! The link will bring you back to the app and allow you to complete your account set up. Enjoy the CTC App!