Electronic Notary MO and KS

Electronic Notarization

Important information AND UPDATE: In response to an effort organized by the Missouri Land Title Association and assistance from many others in the industry, The Missouri and Kansas Governors have signed executive orders that the use of electronic notarization during the COVID-19 crisis. The order authorizes the use of electronic notarization through the use of “Remote Online Notarization” (RON), which is entirely electronic; and the second through a video conference where the notary witnesses the wet-ink signature by video.

The full details of the process are still being ironed out. The Secretary of State has to authorize specific software systems, as well as approve existing notaries to notarize through these electronic means. CTC has already sought approval for our notary closers. Once the software systems are approved by the state, our title insurance underwriters will provide guidance and rules for the use of such notarization.

CTC has already engaged with a third-party RON provider. We are in the implementation process. Many lenders have still not approved the use of fully electronic loan documents, so there will likely still be a requirement for wet ink signatures on some documents.

As soon as CTC is fully set up and able to offer RON, we will let you know. We anticipate

1. Executive Order 20-08 allowing RON in Missouri expires May 15th, 2020. It may be extended in whole or in part. There is permanent RON legislation working through the House and Senate, but has not yet been approved.
2. RON IS ALLOWED in Kansas as of this afternoon.