How Realtors Can Utilize LinkedIn For Their Business

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Don’t Forget LinkedIn!

Social media is a powerful tool at your disposal that can help grow your business as a Realtor. One platform that is often overlooked is actually one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms, and no it’s not Instagram. It’s LinkedIn

Here are some tips for you to start growing your business through LinkedIn.

Linkedin Learning - Consistency is Key

LinkedIn is all about building rapport and connecting, so posting, interacting, and communicating consistently is far more important than how many likes and followers you have. With LinkedIn, you can share posts from other Realtors or title agents, or you can write your own original content. And in the real estate industry, there are so many topics that can be covered from “how-to guides” that help your clients’ move less stressful to home decorating guides to help your clients stay up-to-date with the latest decor trends.

Build Your Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn is a unique platform in that it allows you to share more about yourself than just a profile picture and a bio. And while you should include these things, don’t be shy when it comes to bragging about yourself.  Share your successes and success rate, what areas you sell in, and how long you’ve been in the real estate industry. Sharing these details will help potential clients get to know you and feel confident in their decision of choosing you as their Realtor.

Showcase Homes

When you have a profile on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to create “Showcase” pages, which help businesses share more information and visual aids about the product they’re selling, or, in this case, the houses for sale by owner. Use these pages to share your homes, open houses, and extra blogs you want to share to your clients.

Share Recommendations From Past Clients

As you satisfy more clients, ask them to write you a recommendation. These will appear on your profile, and will help potential clients see what type of Realtor you are, and just how helpful (and successful) you can be should they choose you to help them land their dream home.

As you are working on your next social media marketing plan for your business, don’t forget about LinkedIn. With two new professionals joining every second, you never know who you might connect with next.