How We Handle Construction Disbursement

Woman in business suit exchanging cash with construction worker on site

Our experienced teams at our St. Louis and Branson offices will help you destress during your construction project.

Construction disbursement is the process of slowly releasing the funds for construction projects throughout the entire process. This is a much-preferred way to manage a project instead of writing one large check at the beginning of the construction. Continental Title Company ensures that the risks of large sums of money are alleviated with your construction endeavor.

We will work with the entire team to release the loan amount for the project on certain dates or project benchmarks to ensure the money is spent correctly, and the work is up to your standard. We provide peace of mind for the lender and borrower of the construction loan.

The benchmarks are set in advance by a timeline created before the project begins. When a benchmark is reached, there will be an inspection to verify the work completed fulfills the needs of the project. We track the progress of your construction to make sure that the only work you’ll be satisfied with is being paid for. Then, the next portion of the loan can be released to complete the next portion of construction.

We provide the following construction disbursement services at our St. Louis and Branson offices:

  • Disbursement for commercial and residential projects
  • Collect lien waivers when funds are disbursed
  • Provide endorsements for mechanic’s liens
  • Keep up-to-date statuses of all expenses
  • Disburse funds to contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Notify subcontractors and suppliers when funding is available
  • Provide accounting reports and copies of invoices when needed

We understand the importance of a strong paper trail when undergoing major work to your home or business. We see the problems that arise when contractors and suppliers aren’t properly paid, and will work hard to ensure the rights of your property stay yours. Through meticulous organization and bookkeeping on your end, your construction will continue without a hitch.

If you are in need of construction disbursement services, don’t hesitate to reach out to the CTC team. Our Branson and St. Louis offices are recognized as experts in disbursement and work hard to build trusting relationships with our clients. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we protect borrowers, owners, and lenders with construction disbursement.