Paying Earnest Money Made Easy

Man in a suit (no tie) handing check to camera across a glass top table

An important part of the home buying process is putting down earnest money.

After the seller accepts the buyer’s purchase offer, the buyer often provides a deposit meant to signal their intent, or good faith, to buy a home. This is called an earnest money deposit.

While depositing earnest money isn’t always a requirement, it benefits both you (the buyer) and the seller. Earnest money protects you if something is wrong with the home, and it protects the seller if you decide that the deal isn’t for you and back out. In most cases, earnest money can also be put towards your down payment or closing costs.

Earnest money often comes in the form of a personal check, a bank-issued check, or a certified check — all of which require a very particular process. At Continental Title Company, we understand how hectic your schedule can be. Our online earnest deposit offers you all the convenience of a few clicks, so you don’t have to worry about finding time in your schedule to come to our offices or write a check. Online, you’ll be transferred to a secure payment form where you can fill out your information and make the payment. Then, you’ve completed your deposit.

After a contract has been approved, your earnest money deposit will be put into an escrow account, meaning a separate account managed by one of our escrow agents, until all the required terms of the real estate transaction are met. Doing this protects the seller and the buyer by ensuring that no funds or property are disturbed or delivered until all conditions are met.

As a leader in the title insurance industry, you can trust Continental Title Company to protect you, your seller, and your money. Make your online earnest money deposit today!