Prep Your Home for a Stress-Free Vacation


It’s the brink of Summer and for many it is a time to get away. Whether you’re taking the family on a Summer road trip or jetting for a relaxing beach trip, prepare your home for worry-free days away.

Here’s a checklist of pre-trip preparations so you won’t leave your most expensive possession, your home, vulnerable while you’re away.



Make your home look lived-in

There are a few signs of a vacant home that could make your home more inviting for burglars. Leave your home looking lived-in with this list:

  • Hold newspaper and mail at the Post Office or ask a neighbor/friend to collect
  • Park inside the garage
  • Disable your automatic garage door
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to stop by frequently and park in your driveway
  • Keep curtains the same
  • Put lights on a timer
  • Check or install a motion-activated sensor on an outdoor light
  • Schedule regular landscape maintenance

Keep Utilities in Check

Running appliances can be an unnecessary utility expense, and could lead to unexpected and costly problems while you’re away. Avoid the headache of an appliance glitch while you’re away:

  • Set the thermostat to a temperature that is less comfortable, but manageable for pets and plants
  • Check and unplug all small appliances and electronics
  • Shut off water valves to the dishwasher, washing machine and sinks
  • Turn water heater to power save mode

General home prep

A few general tips before your vacation:

  • Call and notify your credit card company of where you are headed
  • Talk to your home security company about the dates you’ll be away
  • Double check smoke detectors are working
  • Leave your emergency contact information with a trusted neighbor or friend
  • Run vinegar and lemons through your garbage disposer
  • Throw out any food that will expire
  • Remove spare keys and leave a key with a neighbor or friend