Stay ahead of the game with video marketing


It’s no secret that online video consumption has skyrocketed in recent years. With the explosion of subscribers to online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, it’s not surprising that most adults prefer watching online videos over TV. While video is the number one way to grow your business and stand out in a content saturated world, video marketing is underutilized in the real estate industry. Now is the perfect time to give your marketing a boost by engaging clients through video content. 

5 Tips for using video to influence consumers and stay ahead of the game

  • Create video listings and walkthroughs. Only 10% of recent home sellers reported that their agents effectively used video to market their property. Use of video showcases clients’ listings and shares details and perspectives that photos cannot. It’s one proven way to stand out from the rest in this crowded marketplace. After all, 73% of consumers surveyed are more likely to purchase a product if they watch a branded video explaining it.
  • Provide market updates. Homeowners want to stay informed about their housing market. Posting weekly or monthly snapshot videos on social media highlighting recent trends and listings keeps your audience informed while promoting yourself as an expert in the industry.  
  • Respond to leads with a personal touch. Using tech tools such as BombBomb to respond to customer emails with short videos conveys to buyers and sellers that you are sincere and willing to go the extra mile. Elevating your business with customized video messaging helps build and maintain trust with clients.
  • Share customer testimonials. Customer testimonials take different forms, but video testimonials can add an extra layer of persuasiveness, personality, and authenticity. Capturing customer comments with video and then sharing on your social media channels packs a powerful punch. 
  • Educate with in-depth local knowledge. A move is a big life change. When appealing to potential clients, you’re obviously marketing more than just the home. You’re also helping sell the neighborhood, town, school system, and region. Creating a video snapshot detailing a particular community you serve can help potential buyers, especially those who live out-of-town, make informed decisions. 

The world of video marketing is here to stay. Use these ideas to plan and launch your next video campaign to gain more leads and stay ahead of the competition. And when you’re ready to close on your next transaction, be sure to reach out to your trusted partners at your local Continental Title office. We’re always here to serve you!