Title 101 Sessions


We’ll Be There for You

What is title insurance? How much is title insurance? What does title insurance cover? Who pays for title insurance?

Sign up for our Title 101 sessions and see how Continental Title Company can help you.

Even though we’ve been living and working out of our homes for nearly a year now, the pandemic hasn’t stopped the real estate industry from growing. We know that your team is growing, too. And Continental Title Company is here to help welcome your new team members and help further everyone’s knowledge of titles with our Title 101 sessions.

We Make Safety a Priority

Although we’ve been living with COVID precautions for a while, the anxiety of returning to larger, in-person groups is still prevalent. And we understand this. That’s why we’re making these Title 101 sessions accessible to you and your agents through Zoom. With the online class, your agent can take the course from any location they feel comfortable.

Set up a Virtual Mock Closing

The easiest way to learn a new role is through experience. If you have a new agent or if you want to sharpen your closing skills, Continental Title has you covered. Set up a virtual mock closing to help your new agent get a better understanding of the process, or to experience different scenarios for yourself.

Personalize the Classes

Everyone’s background is different. At Continental Title, we want to make sure your experience with our Title 101 sessions are valuable to you and your team, which is why we offer personalized classes to fit the needs and wants of your company.

Don’t Forget About the App!

We’re dedicated to making the closing process as hassle-free as possible, and now it can be. Our latest app, ContinentalAgent ONE, can help you and your newest agents navigate closings. From calculating closing fees associated, and buyer estimates to sending reports, the app is there for you at any time of the day.

If you have a new agent that you feel would benefit from our latest Title 101 sessions, contact your local Continental Title business development representative today. We’re here to help you grow your business to be the strongest it can be.