Unlocking Home Sweet Home: 7 Vital Steps to Closing


Buying a new home is an exhilarating experience filled with anticipation and dreams of your future. Continental Title Company firmly believes that each step in your homebuying adventure deserves celebration, as it brings you closer to that dream you’ve been imagining. To help make your homebuying experience smoother and more manageable, we’ve crafted the following guide for you:

Step 1: Schedule a Home Inspection

As soon as the seller accepts your offer, schedule a home inspection. This step is essential for identifying needed repairs and finalizing agreements with the seller. Your REALTOR® can typically connect you with a reputable inspector.

Step 2: Secure Homeowners Insurance

Shortly after your offer is accepted, start looking into homeowners insurance. Most lenders require it, providing essential protection for your new home and belongings. Explore additional coverage options and consider flood insurance if necessary. It’s important to note that a homeowners policy is completely different from title insurance—more on the latter in a bit. 

Step 3: Meet With Your Lender

Arrange a meeting with your lender within a week of your offer’s acceptance. Discuss the appraisal process, which determines your home’s value and expedites your loan application.

Step 4: Prepare Loan Application Documents

Within 10 days of your offer’s acceptance, gather the necessary documents for your loan application, including payroll vouchers, tax returns, purchase agreements and identification. Consider creating digital copies for easy access and safekeeping.

Step 5: Review the Closing Disclosure

You should receive the Closing Disclosure form at least three days before closing. Double-check loan details, loan terms, costs and buyer-seller expenses. Contact your lender immediately if any of the information needs to be corrected.

Step 6: Schedule a Final Walk-Through

Arrange a final walk-through with your REALTOR® 24 hours before closing to ensure everything is as expected. If not, your REALTOR® will contact the seller to address issues or negotiate a closing cost credit.

Step 7: Protect Your Investment

Before taking ownership of your new home, safeguard your investment by ensuring a clear title and buying an owner’s title insurance policy. A clear title guarantees no outstanding liens or ownership disputes, while title insurance provides financial protection for unforeseen title issues in the future.

Celebrating Your New Homeownership

Cue the confetti! With keys in hand, you’re ready to start your new life in your dream home. The homeownership journey becomes clearer and more manageable with the right guidance and expertise—like that from a trusted REALTOR® and Continental Title. Plan for a smooth transition from property hunting to holding the keys to your new home. Contact Continental Title today, and let us help you simplify the homebuying process.