What does a title company do?

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What does a title company actually do? Way more than you may think! Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, your title company is an important piece of the puzzle in a real estate transaction. Your title company works diligently in the background to make sure your property is in good shape legally and financially.

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The first thing your title company will do is confirm the legitimacy of your property’s title. Buying a home is a big purchase – there are many issues that could put you at risk financially. Your title company will run a title search. They look for outstanding mortgages, liens, easements, or any other kind of restriction that could encumber your property. Sometimes a divorce or mistake in a will can impact the legitimacy of a title. If there’s a problem, your title company will find it and help you move forward.

Protects Buyers and Sellers

The title company acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers, making sure both parties get what they expect. Title companies also handle escrow closings, holding money and documents until certain conditions agreed upon by both parties are fulfilled. Then they will disburse the funds to where they need to go. This process protects both parties, resulting in a smooth transaction

Title Insurance

Your title company also issues your title insurance. Title insurance will protect you from a loss if a problem comes up after your closing. Depending on your policy, your title insurance will cover you from a wide range of issues that could come up. Errors, claims to ownership, liens against the property, and invalid deeds are just some examples of risks covered by title insurance.

You Can Pick Your Title Company
One of the best kept secrets is that you have a choice on which title company to use. And it does matter. When it comes to your home, you want to pick a title company you can trust. It is important to pick a title company with not only the experience to professionally address your needs but also has a commitment to innovation and security. Continental Title Company has both of those and is happy to assist you in this process to give you peace of mind during your real estate transaction!